I understand Cook has a very busy schedule & cant make it everyday, but the fact that it’s a basketball camp & available to my 8 year old is amazing. It’s hard to find reliable, fun basketball camps. Very affordable & the staff was great. Also being able to leave money for any additional food/snack my son may need was good. This was the first time I felt my son was safe & in good hands. We look forward to next year & hopefully it will be longer. Thank you so much & a big thanx to Quinn Cook for being available everyday of this camp...this also made it fun & unique.

Kids loved it. They had a great time. Everyone’s friendly. We feel like we’re one big FAMILY❤️ Thank you all..

Thank you so much for putting on a great camp. Quinn was absolutely awesome. He was so personable and interacted with the players the entire weekend. Never to busy for a photo or autograph. Never to busy to encourage & work with the players. That’s how you put on a camp. He stood by the name of the camp and was very involved, unlike other camps. Thank you again and we hope to see you guys next year. #HumbleandHungry

The “secret sauce” of the Quinn Cook Camp is no secret. It was Quinn Cook. He was an active participant in every phase of the camp and was 100% engaged with the kids. He had family members assisting him at the camp and they were equally engaged. Everyone was very welcoming. Finally, the counselors/coaches were young, knowledgeable, energetic and able to relate to the kids. WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!

As a parent I didn’t know what to expect from this camp. To my delight, it exceeded my expectations. From a content standpoint, the kids not only got amazing instruction but also did stretches & drills and had fun doing it. They didn’t just play games like many summer camps like to do. They learned how to improve their play & develop their skills. The daily bank was å fantastic idea and helped the kids from losing their parent’s cash. Equally wonderful was that a hot lunch, drinks & snacks that were available onsite for purchase and there were healthy options and NO CANDY! I do like the idea of a weekend camp being that I’m from out of town. That said, if it was extended to a long weekend, that would be great too as I could turn it into a mini family vacation and visit Washington, DC before or after the camp. 

Thank you so much to all the staff who did an amazing job during the 3-day camp. We are so appreciative of the time and talent that was shared with each camper.

At the end on the last day the kids got restless waiting for the staff vs kids game to start. Overall it was a great camp with alot of skills drills. It was also great having Pat there helping out. I know my son was excited seeing NBA players that showed up. Great camp and we will be back next year.

I would like to say that I have not been able to take my son to a lot of camps, but this camp was by far the best camp and best experience that he has had. Quinn Cook was very nice and personable and left a great impression on my son as did everyone else. If there are any volunteers needed, I would definitely like to volunteer and help. It was a great experience.

We are so grateful to have been able to participate again in the Quinn Cook Camp. The coaches, counselors, guest speakers, and volunteers exceeded all expectations. The drills taught are things that my son is able to do himself to improve his ball handling skills. The guest speakers continuously encouraged all the campers to dream big, pursue greatness, and to use their love and passion for basketball as a platform for education, and as a tool for their future.

Quinn Cook was very involved in the camp - demonstrating skills and drills, playing one-on-one, and sharing his story for all to “stay paranoid,” and to remain hungry and humble.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication for the youth. We look forward to next year!